Eagle - an expert in comprehensive solutions of exhibition industry.

EAGLE was founded in 2004 

We have Beijing Eagle International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing Eagle Gazing Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Eagle Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Eagle Planning

 Consultants Co., Ltd 

Eagle is always with "quality service, embodied value, excellent execution " as the management philosophy, using professional service and continuous efforts to create, 

establish and maintain good public image, promoting customer brand image and gaining competitive advantage.

Eagle mode is unique in industry

EAGLE use international design and world's leading exhibition technique to let visitors feel the prospective and brand glamour of exhibition, make customers image

 more impressive on the display.

Eagle development

With the development of Chinese exhibition industry, Eagle which was founded in 2004, has been gradually extended to have innovation ability of exhibition big data, exhibition planning + design + project + operation service, event planning , media and so on, have the value creation system on both profession and cross-border

Eagle footprint

After the 13 years of efforts , Eagle have successfully finished designing, constructing and operating for our customers in more than 40 countries of five continents ,building area has achieved 100000 + square meters around the world. Also, Eagle has established a good relationship with local partners, actively explored the local resources during the exposition abroad.

Eagle clients

Eagle has long served in the international stage of the world's top 500 enterprises, including BOC, ICBC, China Mobile, ABB , PHILIPS and so on. Provided construction service for Summer Davos World Economic Forumfor continuous five years--annual meeting of the new champions: Continuous visited with the prime minister Keqiang Li, boosted China Railway High-speed in more than 50% the world’s exhibitions , across the ocean.

The "Eagle mode" of Chinese exhibition project/service

In the historical process of China's exhibition industry development, as on one of the important part of the exhibition project/service companies, Eagle have been actively summarize the thought of putting into action persistently , refined the industry spirit, communicated with industry internal and external confidently, based on enterprise culture, had an attitude to spread industry culture and industry thoughts, also, had ideas and feelings to climb higher platform. Eagle adhere to the " high-end, exclusive, customized and professional" service mode, after more than 10 years of pursuit and expand and perfecting resource integration continually, in the continuous improvement of resource integration, more and more attention is paid to the marketing solutions of exhibition activities, and the growth logs of different traditional exhibition engineering/service concepts.