Global marketing activity

Eagle exhibition, focus on the practice and exhibition strategy of marketing innovation, provide customized, exclusive services for multiple sections of exhibition indus

trchain, use "exhibition + big data" and "Internet +", improve the exhibition brand value and influence , dedicate to boosting the update of exhibition transformation, in 

order to provide the intelligent service which contains comprehensive service and cross the future by using the 10 years of accumulated rich resources, top technical 

support and senior team of direct service.。

Eagle exhibition R&D ability

Beijing Eagle International Exhibition CO., LTD has our own mature research and development team, under the background of national policy of advocating green

exhibition, company research and development of P30 and P40 series has greatly changed the exhibition project in limitations on the use of materials, can

be repeatedly used, easy installation , greatly saves the cost of the exhibitors.

Eagle exhibition certificate

Application of multimedia interactive technology

With the development of the exhibition industry and the popularization of Internet technology, the demand of customers has become more diversified.

In 2015, Eagle created Interactive Multimedia Design research and development team, aiming to achieve the goal of brand marketing for our customers through richer

multimedia interaction forms.