Eagle big data

Which is dedicated to promoting the transformation 

and upgrading of the whole industry chain in the exhibition industry with 

the "new engine"of big datatechnology. 

Setting up the open platform and professional exhibition database of exhibition big data to 

provide the huge data and application services of the exhibition industry.

In July 2016, the new media research institute of communication university of China 

and Beijing Eagle big data technology co., ltd.

 jointly established the "exhibition big data research center".

In July 2017, China exhibition economy research institute approved the establishment of 

the exhibition big data working committee.

Five big database

Eagle has based five database including basic database of exhibition , 

audience database, exhibition spread influence in the Internet database ,

 international exhibition database and exhibitors database, 

as the preliminary foundation and the underlying support for developing "exhibition + big data".

Exhibition experience

We have more than 10 years of experience in the exhibition industry and the business is 

in dozens of countries overseas, in-depth understanding of the operation process and mechanism 

of the exhibition industry

Servicing over 200 well-known clients.

Customizing exclusive service in eight industries

Big data technology capability: having big data application platform, 

owning the international first-class big data scientist team.

Our products

  • Exhibition Statistics Platform
  • Exhibition dissemination force big data analysis platform
  • Big data visualization system

Our services

  • Big data landing system
  • Big data cloud services
  • Consultation/analysis report
  • Large screen visualization display

Achievement at present

  • 1. Exhibition database construction: exhibition industry database, Internet database, mobile terminal database etc 

    2. Technology platform development: Exhibition Statistics Platform,communication force analysis platform, etc 

    3. Exhibition big data list release: publishing exhibition dissemination force, exhibition hall, city such as the list. 

    4. Research on the development planning of big data platform of city exhibition: XiaMen, NanJing and other cities